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Is Central Monitoring Station( CMS ) facility a useful feature ?

In developed countries individual burglar alarm system is connected to a Central Monitoring Station( CMS) which will be monitored by Police department usually. This is very effective as Police Department is also quite efficient. This facility does not have much acceptance presently in India as CMS system is not monitored by police dept but by private burglar alarm system providers only . In Kerala some vendors who pitch their CMS facility have the CMS station elsewhere outside the state and are not useful in emergency situation. More over there is a monthly subscription for CMS faclity.Recently Kochi City Police has urged merchants and shop owners to link CCTV surveillance cameras in their establishments with the police control room. Which had a wide acceptance among business community . Until police department take initiative to put a CMS facility for Burglar Alarm System in their control room, CMS facility may not attract customers


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