Binani Zinc Ltd our first customer..

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12/26/20231 min read


Our First Customer for Barcode Attendance System Terminal a Memoir...

Pace Automation Barcode Swipe Attendance Terminal

Like first love , we do not forget our first customer...

Way back in 1997, we started by offering time & attendance automation solutions. It was popularly known as punching system ( a word derived from the card time punching device used by industries with large man power strength those days.

We introduced M/s. Pace Automation Ltd, Madras Barcode Swipe Terminal in Kerala that was a technical upgrade from punching card machines or optical card dropping machines used those days my some customers but most of the customers with considerable employee strength were still where doing manually .

M/s. Binani Zinc Ltd., Edayar, Kochi who became our first customer was a professionally managed organization with a good Instrumentation, EDP , Personnel Departments' and also a time office.

They were planning for an attendance system and it was a lead we generated by cold call visits.

Their Instrumentation engineer Mr. Abdul Saheb was technically astute and was the person who was doing the technical evaluation.

We offered a demo, shared client referrals from other major cities like Madras, Bombay etc

We remember their then VP, Dr. Sasi , who noticed our efforts and shared us kind words wishing all the best in our endeavors

Mr. M S Sreekumar, their GM we still maintain contacts. Mr. Nandakumar, Mr . Vijayakumar, Mr. Balachandran and many others we have fond memories on them

Finally after 6 months of sales cycle, it was a decision in our favor and it was a referral site for us

A leading business house director spent his half day visiting this customer location along with us as he was contemplating on the same for his upcoming export factory . This experience is a content for another blog