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12/26/20232 min read


Our First Customer for Barcode Attendance System Terminal a Memoir...

Pace Automation Barcode Swipe Attendance Terminal

Like first love , we do not forget our first customer...

Our First Customer for Barcode Attendance System Terminal a Memoir

Way back in 1997, we embarked on a journey offering time & attendance automation solutions, popularly known as punching systems. These devices were a common sight in industries with good manpower strength, where employees used card time punching machines. However, we introduced a game-changer - the M/s. Pace Automation Ltd, Madras Barcode Swipe Terminal in Kerala.

The Beginning of a Connection

Our first customer, M/s. Binani Zinc Ltd., located in Edayar, Kochi, marked a significant milestone in our journey. A well-managed organization with proficient departments in Instrumentation, EDP, Personnel, and a dedicated time office, they were in search of an attendance system upgrade. It was during our cold call visits that we caught their attention.

The Technical Evaluation

Led by their astute Instrumentation engineer, Mr. Abdul Saheb, the technical evaluation was a rigorous process. We offered a demo, showcased client referrals from major cities like Madras and Bombay, and left no stone unturned in demonstrating the capabilities of our system.

The Memorable Individuals

From the then VP, Dr. Sasi, who acknowledged our efforts with kind words, to Mr. M S Sreekumar, their GM with whom we still maintain contact, each individual at M/s. Binani Zinc Ltd. left a lasting impression. Names like Mr. Nandakumar, Mr. Vijayakumar, and Mr. Balachandran are etched in our memories, reminding us of the journey we embarked on together.

The Decision and Beyond

After a sales cycle of 6 months, the decision was finally in our favour, making M/s. Binani Zinc Ltd. our referral site. A prominent director from a leading business house even spent half a day visiting their location with us, considering a similar system for his upcoming export factory.

A Journey Worth Remembering

The experience with our first customer was not just a business transaction but a journey filled with learning, growth, and meaningful connections. And while this story ends here, it marks the beginning of many more such relationships to come.

Remembering our first customer reminds us of the humble beginnings and the journey we've undertaken together.