Queue Management Systems for Hospitals.. etc..

When your business is prospering and more and more customers turn up to your premise for availing your services and making them to wait ,without letting them know their turn can’t be a pleasant experience for your customer.

We offer Simple Token Display System to Multi Level Queue Management Systems

Our Entry Level Model Token Display System Comes as a do it yourself kit..

Kit Contains one token display unit, 1 no calling unit and 5 mtrs of connecting cable with a cable extender

Token Management System with Token Dispenser base model as a kit

We offer base model queue management system as a kit with 1 No Token Dispenser unit, 1 No calling unit and 1 no single line display unit

The Display unit not only display the token no but also announce it in English and Malayalam or any other regional language as required...

Queue Management System with waiting area display , Counter Display , Calling unit connecting hub etc..

When you need to manage multiple queues with multiple counters and different services , we offer system that can accommodate waiting area displays, token dispensers, counter displays , calling units etc. for efficient queue management

Software & Hardware Integrated Multi Level Queue Management System with Token Kiosk etc..