Time & Attendance, Access Control Systems

We entered to Electronic Security in 1997, Introducing Time & Attendance Solutions

Those days even most of the large companies with more than 1000 employees were not using electronic time and attendance systems, but were maintaining a time office department deploying manpower monotonously to mark the in and out movements of their employees coming in various shifts. We cannot imagine the drudgery of time and attendance monitoring work of those days of less or no computerisation in present days

As the system was quite new for the customers, our sales cycles were quite high and we had less closing of orders those days.

But being an early bird in the industry, it was a launch pad for us also

Our first client was M/s. Binani Zinc Ltd,Edayar, Kalamassery, Kerala with Barcode Swipe terminal manufactured by M/s. Pace Automation Ltd., Chennai and it took us about 6 months to receive our first order

It was a head start for us

Biometric solutions have become common these days with even less than 10 employees’ customers would prefer a system for Time Management

Time & Attendance our Flagship Product....

We entered to Kerala market introducing Barcode Swipe Terminals from M/s. Pace Automation Ltd., in 1997 .

Large companies Like Binani Zinc Ltd, Indalco, Hindustan Newsprint Ltd., Cochin Shipyard Ltd,GTN Textiles Ltd., etc are some of our early customers

Some Client Referrals:

State Bank Of India, Travancore Medical College, Josco Jewelers, NeST, KILA, Kerala Feeds Ltd. etc.

Fingerprint, RFID, Face Recognition Technologies..


Our Customers ..

Our more than 2000 clients across Kerala from various verticals include Large , Medium & Small Enterprises


Attendance Application Software options:

We offer Desktop, Web based and Cloud based Time & Attendance Software variants . Database can of MS Access , MSSQL, Oracle etc. as the case may be .

Third Party Applications can be linked with Attendance Software if required.


Our customer Support Policy:

We provide quality after sales support for our solutions. After warranty period customer can avail our AMC or per call service facility for continued support.

Long Distance Face Recognition System Apartment Lobby Actual Installation Site Video


If you're interested in hearing more about the way we work, have a business proposal, or are interested in making a purchase, we'd love to hear from you.


Travancore Medical College Hospital or Travancore Medicity Medical College is a private medical college situated in the city of Kollam.

We have provided 20+ Face Recognition Time & Attendance Device for their 2000+ user strength

We have repeat business from this client

Travancore Medical College Hospital,Kollam



With our 27 Years of Domain Expertise, we can fit in to be a tried and tested and proven team


Many of our customers are not first time buyers, they have already experienced solutions from other vendors in the past. We can always showcase our skills to an experienced buyer than to a first time buyer


We have patience to wait , wait for the customers who have not considered us for their requirement , but many have come back to us


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GTN Textiles Ltd., Aluva ,17-09-2010