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THOMAS MUTHOOT, APT CERAMICS Ltd., & our business with them..

Thomas Muthoot

During our initial days in late 90’s . we had less buyers and more rejections.

Our second customer for Attendance System was Muthoot APT ceramics Ltd., in Cochin Export Processing Zone(presently CSEZ)

We approached their Manger Mr. Shaju Mathew who was friendly and also had a unique base voice.

He finally put us to their Senior Mr. Thomas Muthoot who was known as Kunju Sir , he was an youngster then , and was using a Contessa car. It was self-driven sometimes though he had a chauffeur always at his disposal.

The car had a unique dual color painting with some alterations and was always identified by security people of CEPZ at first glance.

Our interactions with him still lingers in our mind, he was composed, a good listener, talked less but precisely and preferred to see our Binaini Zinc installation personally.

He spared his half day for this and also sought some clarifications with Binani Zinc Time Office & Security Staffs.

As he does not throw his weight around , Binani Zinc security manager was asking him where he belongs to . To our surprise he just said ` Kozhenchery

He took a decision in our favour

He was staying at Panampilly Nagar then and was regular with his morning walks. He spared us a smile and a nod whenever we spotted him there

Today the attendance system is so common, we cannot expect to grab his half day.

But it was a privilege then for us, for being an early bird …